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Cissy Pao EN


Ms Cissy PAO Pui-lai, BBS

The Honorary President of Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Chairman of the Arts
Programs Committee

The Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Public Art and the Chairman of the Board of Councillors

Cissy Pao is the President of Cornes World Company Limited and Director of other associate companies. An advocate and practitioner of Business and Art, Cissy is also the founder of the Ferguson Lane in Shanghai, a well known lifestyle enclave with a mixture of old and contemporary architecture, art and design, food and beverage outlets. She is also the Honorary President of HK-Shanghai Economic Development Association Ltd.

Graduated from the Washington University and the Cleveland Institute of Art with BA and MFA degrees in art history and painting/ sculpture, Cissy lived in New York City, then Tokyo, as a painter/ sculptor for many years, participating in many group and solo exhibitions. She returned to Hong Kong in 1971 and went into business, yet continued to support the arts development in Hong Kong. In 1996-97, she served as the Council Member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. She was the Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet for eleven years (1995-2007) before she became the Chairman of Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2006. Cissy is now the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Arts Centre as well as the Emeritus Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet. She founded Public Art Hong Kong in 2005 where she continues to serve as Chairman, with the aim to nurture and promote public art in Hong Kong.

Cissy was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award 2004 from the Hong Kong Dance Alliance and the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award in 2012 for her contributions towards the arts in Hong Kong.

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Wilfred Yeung EN

Wilfred YEUNG

Head of Property Project, MTR Corporation

Wilfred Yeung graduated from the University of Bath, England, majoring in architecture. After working in commercial practices in Hong Kong and UK, he joined MTR Corporation. Since 1995 he has worked on projects including the Airport Railway project, Tseung Kwan O Line Extension, Disneyland Resort Line, Ngong Ping 360, as well as Beijing Line 4 and Shenzhen Line 4 project.

Wilfred Yeung is currently the Head of Property Project of the MTR Corporation who is responsible for the delivery of MTR’s property developments in Hong Kong. Prior to his current position, Wilfred Yeung was the Chief Architect of the MTR Corporation and was responsible for the MTR Art in Station Architecture Programme in which over 30 major art pieces by local and international artists were introduced into the MTR network.

Wilfred Yeung is a registered architect and authorized person in Hong Kong.

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Andre Fu EN

André FU

Founder of AFSO

André Fu graduated from the University of Cambridge and founded AFSO in the same year to create distinct projects. His design studio has since created a series of internationally recognized works in sensuous and unique projects.

With its head office in Hong Kong, the firm lists clients such as Maybourne Hotel Group, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Shangri-La Hotels, Swire Hotels, Capella Hotels, Park Hyatt Hotels, restauranteur Alan Yau, lifestyle retailer Lane Crawford, and gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin.

AFSO’s distinctive approach to interior architecture combines the rigorous pursuit of new Asian sensitivities, with clarity in space planning and keen attention to the details of everyday life. It has applied its vision of design to the fundamental qualities of space, proportion, light, and lush materials. Its emotional spaces are created to inspire and indulge.

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Huang Pei–ying, Rose EN


HUANG Pei–ying, Rose

Artist (Taiwan)

Huang Pei –ying, Rose obtained a M.F.A. degree from the National Taipei University in 2002. Rose is expert in applying various media and her detailed technique in her creation. Her work is not only a visual display, but also contagious, profound and full of vitality which is not constricted by the limitations of the surrounding space. In addition, Rose presents her unique and vivid feminine new vision throughout the artworks.

Since 2002, Rose actively held different solo and group exhibitions, public arts projects and artist -in-residence programmes. During the year of 2008-2009, two of her artworks had been collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In the past, she was awarded the prizes and grants from Council for Cultural Affairs, National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taipei) and the Department of Culture Affairs of Taipei City Government respectively for supporting her Art Exhibition and Publication in Fine Arts. Rose’s artwork is highly appreciated.

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Nathalie Decoster EN



Artist (France)

Nathalie Decoster is a French artist who travels the world and, through her philosophical approach, creates profound exchanges with people from all backgrounds and cultures – real “food for the spirit” that allows her to apprehend universal reflections. While she is still working in bronze, Nathalie is also taking a new approach, currently working with unusual materials. Thus, aluminium, stainless steel, concrete & glass, still associated with her “faithful messenger” are travelling the world, exhibition to exhibition, with her.

Nathalie Decoster and her souls balancing on the tightrope of time, her men and women in search of elusive Time, hold a whimsical mirror up to our modern-day human anxieties. The purity of line, the simplicity of the materials – often found objects which are imbued with new life, mattress springs, iron and concrete, cask hoops…

Everything contributes to giving this profoundly human oeuvre greater expressive power. The contrast between the tiny figures and the giant symbols confronting them creates a feeling of infinity. And yet, Nathalie Decoster’s works are neither angst-ridden nor frightening. On the contrary, her treatment of this eternal question is marked by a contemplative and serene philosophical approach. Her language is anchored in a feminine and stoic vision of time and of our fragile human lives. Thus, time is usually represented by a circle, rather than by a straight line. This makes reference to the repetitive, eternal, and reassuring cycle of seasons. She pursues several themes related to the human condition.