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Terms and Conditions


MTR Property Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited is the Organiser of the MTR•Tiara Sculpture Competition (“Competition”); Hong Kong Arts Centre and Public Art Hong Kong are the Artistic Partners. All Entrants should read carefully these Terms and Conditions prior to entering the Competition.


  1. Eligibility

The Competition is open to Entrants aged 18 or above. Entries can be submitted by individuals or teams.

Employees of the Organiser or the Artistic Partners and members of the Judging Panel are ineligible for participation.

The Organiser and the Artistic Partners have the sole discretion to determine the eligibility of any Entrant.


  1. Registration and Submission of Entries


Please sign up via online system (www.pahkcalling.com). Entrants will receive a code in the confirmation email.


Submission of Entries

Please email to entry@hkac.org.hk and specify “MTR•Tiara Sculpture Competition” in the subject (maximum 18 MB).

Deadline: 11 November 2014 (Tuesday) 6:00pm (Hong Kong Time)


Submission Requirements

Theme: Respect


    1. There is no limit to the number of Entries which each Entrant can submit. However, a separate Entry Form and Declaration must accompany each Entry. Each Entry must consist of:
        1. PowerPoint Presentation (a maximum of 10 slides) including:
          1. Artwork title, concept, proposed materials (material sample image and details) and dimensions (maximum area of installation: 70cm x 70cm);
          2. Information of Artwork production, installation and feasibility;
          3. Information of Artwork installation, operation, maintenance and conservation;
          4. Budget which may include material costs and electricity expense;
          5. Design drawing (appearance, colour, material);
          6. Rendering (representation in the virtual scene)*;
          7. Working drawing (production methods, steps, dimensions)

* Please download and make use of the image of the MTR•Tiara from www.pahkcalling.com


  • Please name the file as “presentation_your code”, e.g. presentation_001.ppt
  • Entries shall bear no photo, name or mark that could serve as a direct means of identifying the Entrant (except for the Entry Form and Declaration)
  • Suggestion: not more than 600 words of both Chinese and English


        1. Completed Entry Form and Declaration   (available at: www.pahkcalling.com


  • Please name the file as “entryform_your code”, e.g. entryform_001.pdf


    1. An Entrant agrees that all Entries must:
        1. be the Entrant’s original and sole work and not copied from the work of any other person or entity;
        2. not have been previously published or accepted for publication and must not be under consideration for publication;
        3. not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights and/or any other rights of any person or entity;
        4. not advertise or promote any goods or services;
        5. not contain any material which the Entrant does not have permission to use;
        6. not contain any:
          1. pornography, obscene or indecent content;
          2. reference to dangerous or illegal acts or contain any instructions that if followed could be injurious to the reader;
          3. violence;
          4. private or confidential information or reveal personal information belonging to others or other sensitive information;
          5. unlawful, harmful, threatening, harassing, personal attack, defamatory, libelous, tortuous, misleading or any otherwise objectionable content; and/or
          6. hate speech intended to stereotype a particular gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.


    1. Materials Used & Structural Safety
        1. Entrants must ensure the structural safety in their Artworks design;
        2. The design must not feature any sharp edges or corners that the public may come into contact with or any loose parts that may constitute a potential danger;
        3. The design must fit outdoor environment, to be erected on a stand or on the floor. Entrants must specify the weight of the Artworks;
        4. The design must be made of non-flammable materials or with fire retardant treatment that satisfies fire safety requirements.


    1. The Organiser and the Artistic Partners have the sole discretion and final decision in determining whether any Entry submitted by an Entrant should be disqualified.


  1. Adjudication Process and Schedule
  1. Entrants submit Entries, accompanied by completed Entry Form and Declaration
By 11 November 2014 (Tue)6:00pm (Hong Kong time)
  1. Preliminary Review: The Judging Panel select 20 Finalists
20 November 2014
  1. Finalists improve and re-submit their works based on the Judging Panel’s comments
26 November 2014
  1. Second Review: The Judging Panel select 9 Finalists who are still in the running for the Grand Prize
1 December 2014
  1. Selected Finalists improve and re-submit their works based on the Judging Panel’s comments
8 December 2014
  1. Award Ceremony and Exhibition of the Finalist Entries: Results will be announced and rendering of the Finalist Entries will be displayed
21 December 2014 (tentative)
  1. Exhibition of the Winning Entries: The 9 Winners will be given an additional HK$10,000 and production and technical support from the Artistic Partners to create prototypes to be exhibited
24 January 2015 (tentative)
  1. Winning Entries may be produced in actual size and displayed in MTR•Tiara. Agreement between Entrants and the Organiser will be made
Early May 2015 (tentative)


Result Announcement

Results will be announced on the Competition’s webpage (www.pahkcalling.com). All Finalists and Winners will receive notification through their registered email. Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony.


  1. Awards and Prizes

The Awards and Prizes for the Competition are as follows:

    1. One Grand Prize of HK$100, 000
    2. One Silver Prize of HK$30, 000
    3. Two Bronze Prizes of HK$10, 000
    4. Five Excellence Prizes of HK$5, 00
    5. Eleven Highly Commended Prizes of HK$3,000


The Winners of Grand, Silver, Bronze and Excellence Prizes will be given an additional HK$10, 000 for making prototypes to be exhibited.


  1. Adjudication

The Judging Panel consists of artists and representatives from the Organiser and the Artistic Partners. The Judging Panel will assess and select the Entries with the following criteria:

    1. Relevance to the theme 30%
    2. Creativity 30%
    3. Feasibility 20%
    4. Harmony with surroundings 20%


  1. Other Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property Rights

    1. By signing up for the Competition and submitting an Entry, each Entrant hereby grants to the Organiser and/or Artistic Partners a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, sub-licenceable and transferable license to use and exploit the Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in their respective Entries. The foregoing licence shall provide the Organiser and/or Artistic Partners the right to edit, publish, print, use, adapt, translate, exploit, modify, include in a compilation, copy, disseminate, dispose, load onto its server, broadcast and/or transmit each Entrant’s Entry for advertising, promotional, display and/or publicity purposes, and to use the Entries for all purposes connected with the Competition without any compensation, further permission or notification. Each Entrant also hereby grants each visitor to the Competition Website a non-exclusive licence to access an Entrant’s Entry and to view, use, reproduce and distribute such Entry.
    2. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Intellectual Property Rights” shall mean all intellectual property rights including, but not limited to patents, trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, copyrights and other rights in works of authorship (including rights in computer software), moral and artists’ rights, design rights, trade or business names, domain names, database rights and semi-conductor topography rights and whether any of the foregoing are registered or unregistered and all rights or forms of protection of a similar nature in any jurisdiction.



    1. Once the Entry is submitted, Entrants are not allowed to withdraw from the Competition.
    2. Finalists and/or Winners must attend the Award Ceremony and the opening of the Exhibition of the Winning Entries; take part in media interviews and promotional activities related to the Competition.
    3. Entrants shall not until completion of the Award Ceremony disseminate or otherwise submit the Entry to another entity for publication or to be made into an audio/video feature.


Personal Data

    1. The personal data provided by the Entrants are mainly for the purpose of carrying out the Competition.
    2. By signing up for the competition and submitting the Entries, Entrants agree that the personal data provided will be kept by the Organiser and/or Artistic Partners and will be used for correspondence and promotion of the Competition.



    1. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners shall have the right to cancel the Competition and/or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on www.pahkcalling.com.
    2. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners will not bear legal liability for any costs, expenses, losses, damages (including damages for loss of anticipated profit) or liabilities incurred by the Entrants as a result of or arising out of submitting the Entries.
    3. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners reserve the right to reject or disqualify any Entrant and Entry; deprive the title of any Finalist or Winner and Entry for whatsoever reason, without notice.
    4. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners shall not be liable to compensate any Entrant for any rejected, disqualified, unsuccessful or title-deprived Entry.
    5. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners does not accept responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft, destruction, alteration of, or unauthorised access to Entries, or Entries lost or delayed whether or not arising during operation or transmission as a result of server functions, virus, bugs or other causes.
    6. By signing up for the Competition and submitting an Entry, it implies full understanding and agreement of the Entrant to all Terms and Conditions of the Competition.
    7. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners’ decision regarding all aspects of the Competition is final and binding on all parties concerned.
    8. The Organiser and/or Artistic Partners may at its discretion cancel, modify or suspend the Competition. Entrants shall not be entitled to any compensation as a consequence to such cancellation, modification or suspension of the Competition.