Chan Kiu Hong
name 得獎者

Chan Kiu Hong

Bronze Prize

about 關於

Chan Kiu-hong, Joe graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree at RMIT University. He has been exhibiting his works in Australia, Japan, Macau and China. His ceramic work includes sculptural, installation, environment and sound elements. His work Jing Ting was selected by Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award 2012. He has been invited to be the resident artist of Art Camp Amino, Japan in 2014. Currently he is Part-Time Tutor of Hong Kong Art School.

Artwork concept

I believe that respect comes from integration. If everything could be integrated, a world with mutual respect will be reached. Given that geometric line is everywhere at the housing estate, I use rhythmic arrangement of steel as a response. Through the optical principle on the curved surface, the 180-degree space is reflected, so does the visual confusion. When the viewers come close to the holes of the artwork, they can hear the sound of nature through the duct effect. The four sides of the work are facing north, east, south, west. It contains the meaning of “hearing from four sides”. It can also serve as the direction guide of the housing estate.

Material :
Stainless Steel
Size :
620mm (L) X 620mm (W) X 650mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖