Dan Ness & Yan Fong
name 得獎者

Dan Ness & Yan Fong

Excellence Prize

about 關於

Yan Fong studied fashion and art at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Yan specializes in design direction and art development and founded Decoartpiece as an international platform to capture disappearing memories that are fading out slowly from the big cities in a specific time and space by creating timeless art piece from a designer aesthetic view in a vintage yet contemporary style.

Dan Ness studied art and filmmaking at the University of Oregon and specializes in painting, printmaking, illustration, video art and documentary photography. Dan also works in stop motion animation and 16mm and super 8 film.

Artwork concept – “Touching Discussion”

The concept of the artwork is to express the way ideas are carried out between people with reference to Chinese symbolism of square means rectangular earth while circle means orbicular sky. There are two left hands triangulated with the third element of the “respect” character. The hands are two left hands, so they are obviously from two different people. Both hands are back to back so they are facing the world, facing outward, to help each other and the world better. Black and white to express opposite’s elements like the Yin and Yang, dual forces, two hands from two different people. The old wall texture represents the old city that was built by hands and made to last. These textures remind us of our environment built from our history which must be respected and to draw attention to this manmade and natural change occurring in our cities before we blindly destroy the foundations of our history and culture in the name of progress.

Material :
Size :
700mm (L) X 700mm (W) X 700mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖