Helen Pun
name 得獎者

Helen Pun

Highly Commended Prize

about 關於

Helen Pun, is an inter-disciplinary contemporary artist. She has completed Art Promotion Office’s Art Specialist Course in Sculpture and won the Most Creative Award in 2013. She is currently studying RMIT’s Master of Fine Art programme. Helen is an optimist towards life and believes in balance. These beliefs have informed her art practice, driving her to create some orders out of chaos, particularly in an environment of flux. She attempts to convey philosophical messages to the viewers through her creation.

Artwork concept – “Interaction”

Inspired by the city flâneur, the artist abstracts two human figures in motion to express the relationship. The figures are shaped as irregular structures to reflect different characteristics and reactions of people to an “interaction” of any kind. The two are somewhat connected in part, yet maintaining some space in between. The paths crossed but overall balance is well maintained. Such is the kind of “respect” to show for one another and the harmony we like to bring to our neighbourhood. Interaction in red seeks to arouse viewers’ attention to embrace and to live up to the core values of life.

Material :
1) Iron rods
2) Epoxy resin
Size :
700mm (L) X 700mm (W) X 1730mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖