Kirin Leung & Koren Sin
name 得獎者

Kirin Leung & Koren Sin

Grand Prize

about 關於

Leung Siu-lun, Kirin is an architectural designer and a multimedia artist. Graduated from The City University of Hong Kong’s Department of Architecture and The School of Creative Media, he has a passion in all things design, from architectural design, 2D graphics and 3D printing to time-based media.

Sin Chi-kei, Koren is a register architect and a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects. She obtained her undergraduate degree with First Class Honour from The University of Hong Kong and a master’s degree from Cornell University with Best Thesis Award. Prior to returning back to Hong Kong, Koren has worked in a number of international architectural firms in New York, Tokyo and Guangzhou.

Artwork concept – “Respect – Without Limitation”

The sculpture design took inspiration from the unique characteristics of the Möbius strip: a form that has no definite edges, no definite boundaries. It symbolizes that love and respect among people should not be segregated by nationality, race, age, gender, language and geographic demarcation.
The artwork uses glass and mirror polished finish as the main material to create this powerful infinity symbol “∞”. Glass engraving technique is used to produce flows of text formed by the word “respect” presented in different languages in relation to the minority races in Hong Kong. The pattern wraps around the sculpture in a way that one cannot distinguish if it belongs to the outside or the inside surface. The uncanny nature of the sculpture allows viewers to wonder and query. It allows viewers to understand that respect should have no boundaries, no limitations.

Material :
1) Mirror Stainless Steel
2) Glass
Size :
600mm (L) X 250mm (W) X 700mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖