Leo Chow
name 得獎者

Leo Chow

Highly Commended Prize

about 關於

Leo Chow is a student of Professional Diploma in Fine Art at Hong Kong Art School. He has worked in advertising and exhibition production for over twenty years and is now a marketing manager at a Hong Kong advertising company. He is interested in arts, culture and film studies. He participates in three-dimensional sculptural art production and works on popularizing three-dimensional sculpture in daily life and the public art field.

Artwork concept

“Water” – the source of life. colourless, odorless, without shape, without form. Shaped by the shape of the “container”. Three “drops of water” fall from the sky, symbolize people with different backgrounds and identities enter the area from various places. They build a new community together; they integrate, with respect to each other.

“Flower” – needs water to grow. Flower with form grows out of the formless water drop. People from three areas converge on the mainland. They work well together with mutual respect, trust and influence. They moisturize the “container”.

Material :
Mirror Stainless Steel
Size :
688mm (L) X 688mm (W) X 1688mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖