Liu Xiaoqing
name 得獎者

Liu Xiaoqing

Excellence Prize

about 關於

Liu Xiaoqing is a sculptor graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and is currently living in Shenzhen. He established his studio and art organization Zuotang Art in 2005. He has participated in many local and international contemporary art exhibitions and curatorship of sculpture projects. He was also awarded the Merit Award of “National Exhibition of Fine Arts” in China.

Artwork concept

Green plants are the backbone of ecological balance. Plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and release oxygen that maintains human lives. This artwork combines the image of running man and the silhouette of forest to express the long-lasting coexisting relationship between nature and human beings. However, people nowadays live for their own interests by cutting down forests, destroying ecosystem and polluting water…

The work beseeches human beings to respect and to create dialogues. It hopes to awaken people’s self-control and balance between natural survival and human choices.

Material :
Stainless Steel with coated paint
Size :
1300mm (L) X 180mm (W) X 730mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖