Wang Ziyi
name 得獎者

Wang Ziyi

Highly Commended Prize

about 關於

Wang Ziyi was born in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China and graduated from Environment Design at Qilu University of Technology in 2014. He is now working as sculpture designer at Zuotang Art in Shenzhen. His hobbies and strength are painting, design, photography and public art.

Artwork concept

Human live and work together in social groups. Although there are differences between division of labour, role and ability, I hope people can live freely and happily like fishes in river. People can coexist in harmony together with respect, understanding and trust.

Material :
Stainless Steel
Size :
700mm (L) X 225mm (W) X 830mm (H)


artwork render 作品設計效果圖

artwork placement 作品展示效果圖